Friday, March 06, 2009

That's Not Cheese!

Out On The Water...

In the former building of "World's Healthiest Pizza", we now have NAKED Pizza.

The word is in green and there's a great deal of basil growing in the front window. I'm dubious.

The former occupant of this building, "World's Healthiest Pizza" was my candidate for "World's Nastiest Crust." I signed up on WHP's web site for a discount coupon. After eating that pizza, I sent them a message begging them to take me off of their mailing list. The message was simple: "I would no longer like to receive mailings from your store." What I meant to say was "Your pizza is inedible. The dough tastes like someone pulverized cereal boxes and baked it into a tough nasty disc and covered it up to hide that fact."

I love pizza. I love it so much I've been making my own for 15 years. I have a great recipe for sauce and a mind-blowing-great one for Italian sausage. Guests at my home rave about how good it is. Some women are no longer allowed in my home for their unwelcome advances after eating my pizzas. (wife's rules)

I'll have to try this place to see if they're running a new recipe. I hope to God they are.

A co-worker says it's good pizza. But then, he said the same thing about the last occupants of this building.

Hint: Either serve good food, or file for bankruptcy.

Mired In Mud

I have to say that I miss the former occupants of the building "The Bayou Bagelry". Them was some fine bagels. They got lost in the 2005 flood. If they'd put a tomato basil sauce on a bagel, topped it with pepperoni and cheese, now THAT would be a good pizza. *sigh*

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Wendy said...

Actually, what happened is you created this problem yourself by being a good cook. My husband did the same thing to us. We used to go out for sushi all the time and out of self-defense because of the prices he decided to start trying to make it at home. Several months later we went back to eat at our favorite restaurant and paid $50 for $7 sushi we could make at home and it was only half as good.

Same thing with our brewed iced tea. I can't drink restaurant or store bought any more.

So, that's the good news and the bad news both! :)