Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Help me pick my favorite child...

Cajun Critters

"I have an enormous head," I commented, looking upon a photo of myself.

Child 1: "No you don't, Daddy."
Child 2: "I've seen plenty of people with heads your size."
Child 3: "Like a big watermelon."

Oh, sure. I'm supposed to be fair in my assessment of my children. I'm supposed to spread the love. Evenly. Yeah. Too bad my enormous watermelon-sized head (found often in nature) doesn't come with a commensurate-sized brain.

God granted me the gift of love when my children were born. I love my wife dearly. Completely. It was the biggest and bestest kind of love I knew. But when my children were born, something opened up in my heart; a secret chamber filled with love hidden until that very moment. Each of my children live there.

I think it's time to divvy up the love into bigger and smaller portions.

Let's examine the pluses and minuses...

Child 1: Can't be found when I'm working in the yard and wanting a cold beer.
Child 2: "Mom says you don't need a beer. Here's a water, instead."
Child 3: "You want a bottle or a can?"

Child 1: No Father's Day card.
Child 2: Hand-tooled Father's Day card.
Child 3: In-class craft centers Father's Day card.

Child 1: Loves my cooking.
Child 2: Helps me cook.
Child 3: Wants hot dogs.

My philosophy in life is simple: Play the cards you're dealt.

I'm looking at three jokers.

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PhilipDyer said...

Go with melon head. Definitely melon head.